In order to use Pinterest,one has to be invited (similar, in this way, to Triberr). Pinterest has an option to "Request an Invitation" on the main page. Once an invitation has been extended and accepted one will be able to log in using either Twitter or Facebook, or logging in at

Pinterest is a virtual cork board, which can be used to share your interests with followers. It is wholly visual. A Pinterest user would install the Pinterest application on their own computer - using a shared, public computer would not be suitable. Once the app is installed, a user surfs web pages and simply clicks on the "Pin This" app to virtually "pin" any image they come across to one of their boards. A user has the option of creating a new board at the time of pinning or of selecting which board they wish to pin the new image on.

On the Pinterest site, users can add links to blogs or websites on their pins, re-pin other interesting pins onto their own boards to share with their followers, and comment on pins.

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